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Meet Our Team

Jeanette Kreft
Managing Director | LLB / BCom
Phone: +64 27 5619 521
Email: [email protected]


Jeanette has significant regulatory experience in the financial services sector and has assisted a number of national and international companies with their licensing, authorisation and compliance requirements in New Zealand. She has previously worked at two leading law firms in New Zealand, and a leading law firm in Japan.

Karty Mayne
Head of Specialist Services | BAppM / MInsD
Phone: +64 27 4666 686
Email: [email protected]


Karty has significant regulatory experience in the financial services sector and in her previous role at the Financial Markets Authority, Karty licensed and monitored a large number of national and international companies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in New Zealand. Her previous roles included Manager of Supervision at the Financial Markets Authority and Head of Risk and Compliance for Guardian Trust.

Charlotte Hammond
Adviser | LLB / BCOM
Phone: +64 27 305 0223
Email: [email protected]


Charlotte specialises in providing targeted commercial advice on the regulatory and compliance obligations required to be satisfied by businesses operating in the financial services industry in New Zealand. Charlotte has extensive cross-jurisdictional experience in the financial and commercial property industry both within New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She has previously worked as a lawyer at a leading law firm in New Zealand and a leading law firm in London.

Harry Harknett
Adviser | MA BA (Hons)
Email: [email protected]


Harry has a number of years’ experience working in research and teaching. Harry assists in the development and implementation of policies, internal systems and the provision of administrative support. Harry has previous worked at one of New Zealand’s government ministries.

Rosie Borland
Executive Assistant
Phone: +64 22 4155 991
Email: [email protected]


Rosie has over 10 years’ experience as a senior level Executive Assistant and has worked across a variety of industries within the UK and New Zealand; working for both large corporates as well as high growth start-ups. Rosie was previously the Executive Assistant to the CEO of one of New Zealand’s leading telecommunication companies. During her time there, Rosie took on a new role which was established to develop a culture and engagement strategy for the business; she was also a member of the senior leadership team.